Women’s Depression

Women are prone to depression twice as much as men. However, this tendency is not immediate. Thus, in children both boys and girls the same chance of developing depression. However, from the time of puberty and hormonal changes in a woman’s body everything is changing dramatically.
Periods of hormonal changes experienced by women in their lives, are powerful stressors to the body and provoking factors for depression. Total are five of the most dangerous periods in the life of every woman: puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and perimenopause period. In addition to this destabilizing situation and monthly menstruation, causing the so-called PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Symptoms of depression in women is characterized for depression in principle, however, in contrast to men, women can not hide their appearance. As a result of vivid expression of these symptoms last more easily tolerated by the female body. Heavier than those who still tries to suppress any manifestation of the disease.
Risk factors for depression in women include:
1 hereditary predisposition;
2 The loss of one or both parents before the age of ten years;
3 Long-term psychological or social stress state;
4 Domestic violence (in childhood);
5 A certain set of drugs in the treatment of infertility;
6 Receiving some contraceptives;
7 The absence of any support from society as a whole, or from relatives of people (especially single mothers).