Types Of Depression

Despite the rather superficial approach to depression, it is worth noting that it is by far one of the most common diseases in the world. Virtually every one of us at least once in life ill depression.
Depression can be of different types, depending on the reasons which have caused it. Let’s see.
Neurotic depression occurs as a result of prolonged exposure to the human psyche various stressful factors. Most often, this type of depression is seen in humans, differing in their directness, obstinacy, intransigence, a tendency to idealize combined with the uncertainty of the forces and indecision. The disease begins tearfulness and development “to the victims.” A person believes that others are not fair to him to underestimate.

Psychogenic depression arises from the loss or destruction of vital values ​​(death of a loved one, a lot of stress at work, betrayal, etc.). People with this type of depression is observed frequent mood changes, increased sensitivity. Such a person can hurt innocent. Melancholy, pessimistic assessment of his life as any concomitant illnesses. Most people of this category thoughts of suicide as the only possible way out.
Circular depression occurs regularly and is repeated with the same circumstances. It can be daily, night, seasonal depression. Patients observed sleep disturbance. Your life and what is happening around them sick regards as “gray”. For this category of persons characterized by reflection on the meaning of life and the worthlessness of their role in it.
Postpartum depression is seen in young mothers in the first month after birth. Manifest depression in fatigue, sleep disorders, increased anxiety, frequent changes of mood. It is also possible rejection of the child, as a woman, not the ability to critically assess the situation, the child sees the main source of their ailments.