Teen’s Depression

Hormonal explosion in adolescence, unfortunately, does not always go unnoticed. In behavior, mental and physical health of the adolescent, as a rule, there are changes and often rejection.
Reasons why a teenager can get into a great variety of depression from a bad evaluation to the first unrequited love.

The first symptoms of depression in adolescents manifest changes in mood and behavior. Adolescents experiencing depression, become withdrawn, lose vital motivation, self-limited in communication not only with friends but also relatives. These children have an increased drowsiness, frequent mood swings, and even antisocial and illegal behavior. The child often becomes irresponsible and reacts negatively to any suggested options. Sometimes the behavior is accompanied by aggression.
Doctors say that if the depression begins at the age of fifteen to thirty years, with high probability we can talk about ยงยง hereditary nature.
Big and even a major role in overcoming the problem of depressed teenager playing close. Depends on them, and early diagnosis of the disease and the earliest possible recovery of the patient.
Adolescents suffering, depression in the first place must be given special attention, to listen to his thoughts, to ask his opinion or advice, together doing things you love, etc.
Traditional treatments for depression in adolescents is virtually no different from the treatment of the disease in adults. They include psychotherapy and medication.