Symptoms Of Depression

Recognize the symptoms of depression is sometimes very difficult, because they do not differ much from the manifestations of bad temper, bad day or not have enough sleep the night. However, the establishment of these symptoms will not only help to diagnose the disease, but also to start to his recovery in order to prevent the possibility of a transition into the chronic stage.
Common symptoms of depression include poor concentration; fatigue and loss of vital energy;

inexplicable guilt, doom, hopelessness; pessimism; sleep disturbance (from the inability to fall asleep to the constant sleepiness); irritability and a state of increased arousal; loss of interest in what is happening around, to himself, to his favorite occupation; eating disorders (tendency to overeat or, on the contrary, starvation). Depression may be accompanied by persistent physical symptoms – headache, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
Exacerbate the symptoms of alcohol abuse, the use of narcotics and psychotropic substances.
Think about depression is necessary if the symptoms last more than two weeks, or differ in their intensity in a shorter period.
One of the clearest signs of depression are the thoughts of suicide. By such statements patient should never be treated as a joke, especially the situation is serious, if suicide attempts have taken place to be. In this case, it is recommended in order to ask for the immediate provision of adequate medical care and appropriate treatment to a psychiatrist.