Prevention Of Depression

Prevention measures, as well as methods of treatment in each individual case manifestations of depressive disorders purely individual. However, psychologists developed a set of general preventive measures for the prevention of depression among the population. We consider it in greater detail.
1 Healthy regular sleep. It is not strange, it’s a preventative measure for many diseases. Sleep an adult, allowing fully recuperate for a new working day, the average shall be 8 hours. If you get to sleep for an hour or more – on health, but less than all the same is not recommended. Importance and regularity.

Do not let holiday options in two night, night after night, today will sleep 8 hours, and tomorrow 3 During sleep, the human body a rest, both physically and mentally. It is desirable to analyze bedtime passing day and remember all the positive things that happened to you.
2 Proper nutrition. Disruption of the digestive organs leads to emotional discomfort and also contributes to depression.
3 Develop a daily routine and stick to it.
4 Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Often visit the open air, give up smoking, do not abuse alcohol, do not use drugs. A great preventive tool in this section will be for you to exercise regularly, at least morning exercises.
5 Most communicate with family and friends. Positive emotions derived from communicating with them, do not give “raskisnut” in the most difficult situations.
6 Avoid stressful situations. Do not watch the news, if they make you nervous. Do not communicate with people, causing you irritation or other negative emotions.
7 Find yourself a hobby for everyone.
And remember that the most important means of prevention of depression – are positive emotions and good mood!