Not Treatable Depression

Despite the effectiveness of medical approach to the treatment of depression, as well as a great many ways, applying psychotherapy, other alternative methods of treatment (ECT, phototherapy, etc.), not all depression amenable to a complete cure. Depression is not curable, medicine known as refractory depression.
The essence of resistant depression today are not fully known and is the subject of much debate among psychiatrists. So, there is still not clear what exactly is considered not a cure for depression – a complete lack of results of therapy, or a slight relief to the patient. Anyway, one thing is clear pronounced tangible effect in the treatment-resistant depression is not observed.

What contributes to the emergence of resistant depression? This is, first of all, the factors that trigger depression and excluded patients from their lives in the course of treatment.
1 Alcohol or drug abuse. Both agents reduce the effect of antidepressants.
2 Chronic pain.
3 Prolonged troubled relations in the family, violence in childhood.
In some severe cases of resistant depression in a patient needs hospitalization. Directly demonstrated appeal to the hospital:
1 Patients whose behavior carries a risk of harm to themselves and others.
2 Patients with suicidal thoughts.
3 Patients who are unable to function independently.