Myths About Depression

There are some popular myths about depression. It is necessary to mention them, and, whenever possible, to discredit.

1. Depression is not a disease, and it is not necessary to treat it. It concerns the depression caused by external factors. In reality depression is a real disease, serious, sometimes with a lethal outcome. It is the reason of suicides majority.

2. Patient with depression must be treated at a hospital. Supporters of this myth consider: depression is a shame for rest of life, and its owner will be put to a psychiatric clinic. Actually, people are hospitalized even with a chronic depression not so often. For them there are special crisis centers similar to sanatoria.

3. Depression is forever. It is absolutely wrong opinion, at competent treatment of an episode the disease quits forever.

4. Antidepressants are dangerous to life. Even present-day drugs have side effects, it is true. But such effects as sleepiness, hyporexia or limosis terminate after drugs withdrawal.

5. Antidepressants cause dependence. It is not true. Neither old, nor modern drugs cause physiological dependence. Even Acidum ascorbinicum can cause a psychological dependence to children.

6. People may prescribe antidepressants by themselves. Of course, many people are capable to get drugs without prescription, but it is not worth to do it. Antidepressants have a strong action and the doctor selects them individually, especially dosages.

7. Taking antidepressants can be stopped at any time. No, it is impossible to stop treatment course, and the doctor has to watch the patient continuously. Before drugs cancellation doses should be gradually decreased.