Men’s Depression

Actually distinguish between depressive symptoms by gender is not possible. Depression in men has the same symptoms as women, but men express these symptoms differently.
Firstly, men tend to refuse to recognize whether they have depression. Therefore, men who suffer from this disease often talk about its physical manifestations (fatigue, lack of sleep) than the emotional.
Depression often causes disorders of sexual functions of the body, the patient feels a loss of sexual desire. And once again refuses to admit it.

But there is a specific manifestation of depression in men. So, constantly refusing to recognize the existence of the doldrums and in an attempt to “keep out” of their symptoms, men become irritable, angry, and sometimes aggressive. They try to escape from thoughts about the disease as much as possible going into work, leaving no time not only for the sad thoughts, but also sometimes for friends and loved ones.
With age, the risk of a depressive state is increasing, as it increases the number of stress factors.
Peculiar experience of man and mountain meet on their life path. Obvious outward manifestations of the suffering of a man you will not notice, because they are the stronger sex. Therefore, men tend to suppress grief without letting him go outside. This only contributes to the development of depression.
Manifest depression in men and on the physical level. Patients show increased levels of cholesterol in the blood, stomach ulcer, high blood pressure and pain.