Especially Women’s Depression

It has long been an established fact in medicine it is believed that women suffer from depressive disorders in times more often than men. Moreover, modern psychologists and psychiatrists include female gender among the factors contributing to the development of depression, along with hereditary predisposition, or disorders of the endocrine system. But what is the tendency of women linked to depression? The thing is that during the period of his life, a woman repeatedly suffers from various changes due to the change in hormonal levels in the body. Such stages in the reproductive age women account for more than five: from the appearance of the first menstruation to menopause crisis.

Do not forget about pregnancy and childbirth. At each of these stages, the composition and amount of hormones in a woman’s body changes qualitatively, causing not only physiological changes but also psychological. And every such change is in turn stress to the body and psyche. Not all women succeed dignity out of these situations.
Specific differences in the course of depression in women and men do not, but women are almost always accompanied by depressive disorders somatic disorders. Treatment of the disease takes place in accordance with the standard requirements of therapy in these cases. Additional restrictions or recommendations for the treatment of women do not have, except that medications that affect the accompanying depression purely women’s diseases, specific, and in relation to men, of course, does not apply.