Electroconvulsive Therapy In The Treatment Of Depression

In cases where traditional forms of medicine, namely medical treatment of the disease, did not help, or the application of such methods may adversely affect the physical health of the patient, in psychiatry is allowed to use alternative treatments for depression. Such practices include electroconvulsive therapy.
The most active use of electroconvulsive therapy has gained in 50 years of the 20th century, but has been used successfully, and to this day. This therapy is harmless in itself, but the effect of its application comes almost instantly. A possible exception to the application of this method may be a person suffering from cardiovascular diseases in the acute form, and have recently undergone a stroke.

Electroshock treatment is as follows. Patient before the session takes special preparations, allowing you to relax your muscles. Further, under general anesthesia, the patient’s head to attach special electrodes, which is fed a controlled electric current. In the human brain there is a small cramp. The session lasts, on the recommendation of the attending physician a few minutes.
After the session, the patient wakes up in a couple of minutes. While in some confusion, he has no memory of the procedure conducted.
Possible negative effects caused by the procedure itself can not be, but a result of misuse of equipment, lack of qualified personnel or banal medical error. The use of therapy is not a solution in a hurry and it is only necessary in the most severe, beyond medical treatment cases.