Depression Treatment

For the most effective treatment of depression is necessary to apply psychotherapeutic intervention, biological therapy, as well as a system of social adaptation measures, a positive effect on patients.
Unexpected improvement in well-being and full recovery of the patient in depressive disorders observed infrequently and is about 10% of all cases. But a return to a state of depression is quite common.

So, remember that the most productive treatment of depression is directly dependent on the timely and successful conduct of therapeutic methods. Biological treatment of depressive disorders involving the application of pharmacological therapy, and sometimes electroconvulsive therapy. Antidepressant medication referred to methods of treating depression and prescribed in a sufficiently serious cases disorders. Along with them using vitamins, tranquilizers, lithium salts, hormones, antioxidants, therapeutic solutions to improve the brain.
Of depression can also try to quit on their own. To do this, you can use the method of deprivation (sleep deprivation). This method is to maximize the duration of wakefulness. Deadlines – 38 hours, that is, day, night, one more day. And the next night’s sleep takes place in the usual time for you, for up to 12 hours. Improve well-being may appear after the first deprivation. This condition is to facilitate short-term, so the result should be attached by several (at least six) sessions.
Deprivation is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, as well as suffering from serious chronic diseases. Carrying out the method to better align with the doctor.