Depression As A Mental Disorder

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by depressive triad decrease mood, loss of ability to experience pleasure, impaired thinking, and motor retardation.
From clinical depression, which implies a set of symptoms that distinguish this serious pathology from just a bad mood in the world affects about 121 million people. The main danger for patients with depression is that at the peak of the disease at the time of the greatest anguish and despair, suicide attempts often occur.
Statistically recorded suicides committed in the background clinically confirmed diagnosis of depression each year up to 850,000 cases. Mortality among depressed patients is only slightly inferior in mortality from cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Women suffer from depression twice as often as men.
Depressive disorders are classified according to their degree of severity and the reasons that cause them. Based on current scientific ideas, divided into psychogenic depression, endogenous and somatogenic. Under psychogenic depressive disorders involve state that developed as a result of or influenced by psychological causes, stress character.
Depression can also occur in poisonings, infectious diseases, drug addiction and alcoholism. Quite often, in clinical practice there are so-called hidden depression, depressive symptoms when in fact masked disorders in various organs and systems, persistent headaches, sleep disturbances, endocrinopathies, etc., and is not recognized as such patients.
Depression is a mental disorder is a violation of affect. Affect – is an emotional process, motivating and control activities (behavior, perception, thinking) that reflects the subjective meaning of objects and situations, and presented in the form of conscious experience.