Depression In The Elderly

Depression almost 80% of cases is a constant companion of the elderly. Few resorted to the treatment of this disease. But in vain, because depression aggravates existing health problems.
Advanced age in itself is stressful. After all, in this age, people are grieving the loss of loved ones, retirement, “bouquet” of various diseases, loss of support. Since this age is characterized by a decrease in vitality, reduced physical capacity, the presence of depression in older people may not notice even people close to them.

However, do not ignore depression in the elderly. It raises the risk of death after suffering serious illnesses, particularly limited physical capabilities.
As a mature, and in old age is more likely to be depressed women, but depressive symptoms they rarely cause fatal consequences. With regard to men on the contrary – they are suffering from depression are rare, even in old age, however, in patients with symptoms are very acute and often lead to suicide.
Loneliness is also a motivating factor in the development of depression. Lack of social support, the support of loved ones (especially children) makes older people to despair, being confident in their futility and uselessness.
Stressful situations experienced by the elderly harder than young people, which may also lead to a rapid development of depression.
The main methods of curing depression in the elderly are primarily social factors, such as support, communication, caring. Sometimes these components is sufficient to cure the ailment.