Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Depression – one of the few diseases, which is considered to be a characteristic feature of the emergence of suicidal thoughts. At the risk factor such thoughts in a patient is significantly influenced by gender, age, social status, and even ethnicity. Added experiences alcohol and drug (toxic) substances.
Therapists consider the patient, suicidal if:
- He had previously made ​​one or more attempts to commit suicide;
- His close relatives committed suicide;
- It is exposed to domestic violence;
- His close relatives have suffered various kinds of mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction;

- The patient is limited or deprived of liberty (including imprisonment);
- The patient has close contact and is affected by people who are prone to suicide.
Any talk and thoughts of death or suicide, risky behavior on the verge of death (driving at breakneck speed), unannounced visits to loved ones or friends, which have not addressed – all of which should make close to think about mental health.
Please be aware that any statements the person about suicide should be taken seriously, not ignored. . With people expressed their readiness to die on their own can not argue, it can act as the “last straw” in a bowl of depressive thoughts. In the case of confirmation of the seriousness of the need to urgently seek qualified medical advice.