Depression And Pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy is becoming more dangerous than just twice. After this terrible disease is dangerous not only for the mother but also for the baby. But do not rush to make the diagnosis. It is necessary to distinguish between normal spleen and antenatal depression. Basically the difference is carried out for the duration of symptoms (depression for at least two weeks) and the level of the oppressed and depressed (with melancholy, such states are quickly replaced by other emotions).

At different stages of pregnancy depression has different origins and uses of.
Thus, the depression in the first trimester of pregnancy may be caused by abrupt changes in the daily lives of women, the abandonment of some bad habits (smoking) or hobbies (skydiving). In addition, in the body much hormonal changes, many pregnant women appears toxemia, which also has an impact on the mood. This depression is manifested most often constant blues, increased critical of themselves (recovered, postrashnela), capriciousness, eternal dissatisfaction, anger, irritability, sleep disturbance and possible appetite.
In the second trimester of a woman, less susceptible to depressive symptoms, but the situation is changing for the last month of pregnancy. In the third trimester of a woman’s body rather weary of all hormonal, social and psychological changes and psyche sometimes it does not stand up. After all, pregnancy itself – a huge stress on the body.
Treat depression during pregnancy is necessary, otherwise there is a high probability of mental and behavioral abnormalities in the development of the newborn or premature delivery. In the first stages of pregnancy prolonged pregnancy can threaten a young mother interruption or fading pregnancy.