Depression And Grief Experienced

Woe – it is a deep human suffering, longing for the departed loved one forever, or in connection with the loss of something very important, vital. Causes grief can act and other factors – the separation from loved ones, parents, illness, etc. Grief is a natural human response to difficult circumstances. Do not feel sorrow at the loss or loss can only mentally ill people.

However, the ability to experience grief in all different. So people with weak mentality can not cope on their own with this vital task.
In fact, the experience of grief consists of two stages: the grieving and healing. In the process of mourning the person realizes the brunt of what happened to him, constantly scrolls in mind all the details of what happened, and, as a result, take it. Healing happens with the help of external support (friends, relatives, etc.). There is a small category of people who are able to grieve alone, without support, they easily replace the work, caring for children, pets, hobbies, and other hobbies. Violation of these components and cause the person to depression. Most people refuse to live with what has happened, or to take things as they are, sometimes not getting proper support they can not get out of the state of mourning.
Funds are also certain stages of grief:
- Denial. At this stage, people numb with grief piled on top of him, tries on a sort of a protective shield. This is a natural reaction of the psyche in which the victim denies and refuses to accept what had happened.
- Feelings of guilt. Almost always after realizing what had happened the person starts to think about what would have happened otherwise he do in this situation. This stage is characterized by thoughts and statements in the style of “I should have known,” “I had to be there”, “If I agreed …” and others.
- Actually depression. Oppressed, despair, pessimism, apathy.
- Rage. Here, people are often trying to find those responsible for the incident.
- Humility.