Children’s Depression

It is considered a disease of adult depression, but it is not so. She was exposed to people of different ages and with a variety of social statuses. Children are also, unfortunately, are no exception to this disease.
At the age of five children are able to give in to despair, for example, about the separation of parents, but the depression in the usual sense can not be called. But from the age of eight, the child may well experience a depressive mood, such as those that occur in adults. One of the differences in the diagnosis of depression in children is the virtual absence of such symptoms as loss of appetite and sleep disturbance.

In medicine, such disorders in the body of the child as enuresis or behavioral disorders are equal or are equivalent to the depression. Although sometimes anxiety and concern in the mood for such a child is not traced.
Children may have thoughts about suicide, but the implementation of such thoughts, as a rule, does not occur until adolescence.
Parents should think about immediate medical attention if their child has become less sociable, has no friends, prefers to spend time alone, a lot of writing (poetry, diary, etc), refuses to have fun (going for a walk, a hike in the movies), different indifference to what is happening around, often crying, hysteria.
If the child’s life was a shock, which is known to his family, such as the death of a loved one, divorce of parents, the appearance of his brother (sister), and thus the decrease in the level of attention to the child, you know it cost just for the prevention look closely to the behavior of the child. Do not hesitate to communicate with his friends about it, teachers, educators, parents, friends. Sometimes you need to go even to the extreme – to examine your child’s diary. And remember – to prevent the disease is much easier than treating it!