Alcohol Depression

Very often, depression and alcoholism go in harness, causing such a common disease, such as depression, alcohol or alcoholic melancholy. In fairness it should be noted that it is not always mandatory alcoholism is the cause of depression, and vice versa.
Alcoholism can be a means of masking depression or promote its intensive development.
Alcohol depression usually comes in two types. In the first case it is replacing depressive symptoms of delirium. In the second case these manifestations occur at the initial stage and the rejection of alcohol withdrawal syndrome are part.

Alcoholism and depression can cause a number of complications in the course of the disease. Thus, the patient increases the risk of returning to alcohol abuse also increases the frequency and length of stay in the hospital inpatient unit in mind the impossibility of ambulatory cure diseases, the efficacy of treatment of both diseases is sharply reduced, social and family adaptation of the person falling.
Alcohol depression is accompanied by symptoms such as increased tearfulness, susceptibility, even mistrust, anxiety, insomnia and hypochondria. The duration of such depressed ranges from several weeks to several months.
Are more prone to depression, alcohol women. Yes, and it takes women longer and deeper. Treatment also complicated. Women tend to be easier to return to alcohol after the rejection of its use. Alcohol depression is often is the cause of suicide.